Lopscoop App Unlimited trick


Hey prolooters member today New trick is here You know Lopscoop App Gives instant payment read the ful post earn unlimited paytm cash with this tricks.

With Video Tutorial Scrool Down

About Lopscoop App:Lopscoop App a news application some days ago application provied refer & program and also  join and earn extra money by sharing news,Redem in paytm.

How To Get Lopscoop App Free Paytm Cash:


  1. First of All Download Lopscoop App Click Here

2.  Open App and Skip Introduction Part and Go to Dashboard.
3. Click on MENU Button and then Click on  Login or Sign UP Using your Facebook/Mobile Number

3. Enter Given Refer Code to Get Extra Income  in your EARN Tab > NewBie Task > Fill in the Invitation Code : CNZL492058

4. Minimum Redeem 10 Rs or Maximum 1000.
• Per Refer 1900 coins which means 19 Rs, and you can convert your coin in Inr it’s means 19 Rs in Inr balance and 10 Rs in instant money per Refer.
When You Refer Christmas Offer option shere your link your friends you get 10 instant money option minimum redem 10 see the picture


Unlimited Trick


  1. Frist Of all download tamp mall app click here   (TempMail app Create free Unlimited facebook account)
  2. open yor app click invite friend click invite friend shere your referl code in whatsapp
  3. Then download Parelal Spece Click here Open parelal spece Add facebook & lopscope app
  4. Finely open facebook app (parelal spece part) create new account fil any name & password then show mobile number & gmail open tempMail Chose a mail copy mail enter facebook create account option One Account Create suessfully.
  5. You can create maxmium 20 facebook account for redem tampmail unlimited free gmail use create facebook account(one facebook account create deta clear parelal spece)
  6. all acoount gamil & password past your note pad
  7. then again parelal spece open  lopscope app Click Log in option log in facebook (you allready create 20 facebook  account)
  8.  Then Enter Your referal code ,one sussfully refer compete.
  9. Then again cler deta parelal spece add lopscope app open app singup  new facebook  id enter your referlal code again again successfully refer(use this prossess again & again)


[video width="1280" height="720" mp4="https://prolooters.in/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Lopscoop-Unlimited-trick-4.mp4"][/video]






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