Garena Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks For New Players in 2020

free fire

Garena Free Fire is getting very popular in India especially after the IndiaKaBattleRoyal ad campaign. One of the best parts of Garena Free Fire is the low hardware specifications it needs to run properly. Since a lot of people in India have smartphones that have 3GB or 4GB of ram only, a lot of games don’t run properly and lag a lot. Garena Free Fire runs perfectly these devices without any lag or issues. Since PUBG Mobile is now getting unpopular in India after the Chinese app ban by the government a huge number of players are now migrating to Free Fire as the next battle royal game. So to help these new players win and get booyah in the game here are some excellent tips from Pro players of Garena Free Fire that have proved to work in an intense match.

Choosing the right weapon

Any game has its own system of weapons and the amount of damage it can give. Garena Free Fire also has it’s very own weapon system that is completely different from PUBG Mobile. So for new players, a good way to get started would be to get familiar with different guns and weapons in the game. Garena Free Fire is a PUBG Mobile clone only in the battle royal aspect. Everything else is different. A good example would be the Scar rifle in both games. Both PUBG Mobile and Garena Free have a scar but the way the rifle works in both games is extremely different.

Close Range Fights

Since Garena Free Fire has a lot of close-range fights in maps like purgatory it is a good idea for new players to have either an MP40 or a shotgun with them. Just like any other battle royal Garena Free Fire has a lot of different guns that are SMG, Rifles, Shotguns, Snipers, etc. The players can have three weapons with them and a melee item. So if you consider an ideal loadout it would be something like this- a sniper rifle, an smg, a pistol, and a pan. Chose the one you’re comfortable with.


New players who have never played Garena Free Fire or any other battle royal game should know that peeking can make a huge difference in the game. Garena Free Fire is a TPP or Third Person Perspective POV game. So peeking is possible and highly recommended to do. Take a cover behind a wall and use the TPP to your advantage in the game.

Gloo Wall

For every new player that is coming to Garena Free Fire for the first time, the Gloo wall is a mystifying thing. Gloo wall is a portable wall made of ice in Free fire that players can deploy in the game at a press of a button. The Gloo wall provides players protection from the opponents’ fire for a limited amount of time. Gloo walls cannot be penetrated by bullets but it can be destroyed by them. So be aware that the protection is momentary. Gloo walls can be deployed anywhere in the game and any number of times as long as you have the necessary items to make the wall.


Movement is very important in games like Garena Free Fire. So practice jump shots a lot in the practice arena. Another hidden gem in Free Fire is the drag headshot. Youtube how to drag headshot and practice it. Drag headshot is a move that guarantees headshot in close range. Doing moves like crouch shots or crouching and immediately running can throw the opponents off their trail. So practice those moves as well.


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