Droom Sipper Flash sale Sipper at Rs.29 (pro looters)


How To Droom Sipper at Rs.29 Flash Sale 1. Frist of All Visit Droom Sipper Sale Offer Page Here 2. Now Enter Details like Name, Email & Valied Mobile Number 3. Now Click On Register 4. Now Visit 11 Am Same Offer Link 5. Now Login Your Droom Account 6. Then Cart Droom Slippers Bottle 7. Now put Promcode, Promcode is visible offer page 8. Final price is 29 Then pay any wallet & debit card, order done successfully 9. Now Complete Your Order your droom Slipper Will be DELEVER within 14 Working days (approx 7 to 14 days)

Tarms & Conditions 1. Droom does not take the responsibility of Item quality, condition & authenticity. Please contact manufacturer for any queries/complaints 2. The Sipper Bottle will be consisting of “Droom” logo This Deal will be live on 23rd January from 11 AM till 7 PM or till the stocks last 3. This Item will be shipped and is expected to reach buyer in minimum 7 working days 4. Please Note: for any support, contact our customer care (Toll Free): 1800 407 070707 ]]>


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