Clubfactory New Loot – Products Only 1 Rupes


How To Get  Clubfactory Products For ₹1 1. Frist of All Visit Offer Link Click Here Now Start ₹1 start a deal or ₹1 join a deal. Note: Only for New User 2. Invite friends to join the deal within 24 hours. 3Win: Once the deal is complete, there will be a lucky one to claim products for ₹1. Others will get a 100% refund to their payment account within 30 days. For Get: The product will be shipped for free and no extra cost.

 Clubfactory Offer Rules

1.If you are the lucky one to claim product for ₹1, you will get the product with free shipping and no extra cost. 2.If you missed the chance to get products for ₹1, you will get 100% refund your payment account within 30 days. The time of arrival depends on the bank. 3.A Friends Deal will be failed if the member is not full in 24 hours.If the deal is failed, everyone will get 100% refund to the payment accounts within 30 days. 4.Everyone can only have 3 Friends Deals at a time. Please complete the deals before starting or joining a new one. 5.A Friends Deal needs at least one new user to join. New users are the people who have not placed orders on Club Factory. 6.In order to protect the account, only users who log in with their phone number can join a Friends Deal. 7.Friends Deals can only be paid online. Cash on delivery is not supported. 8.The result of placing a Friends Deal depends on the success time of the payment. The money will be refunded to the payment account if the deal is failed to place. 9.Only Indian users can start or join a Friends Deal. *Reservation of Rights 1. If you violate the rules or any applicable Terms of Service, Club Factory may suspend or terminate your ability to participate in the Friends Deal Project under any or all of your accounts. 2. Club Factory reserves the right to withhold or deduct Benefits obtained through the Friends Deal Project in the event that Club Factory determines or believes that the receipt of the Benefits were in error, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of these Friends Deal Rules or any other applicable agreement between you and Club Factory. ]]>


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