Best Free Fire character combinations for DJ Alok

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Garena Free Fire has an impressive array of characters in the game which, in turn, brings diversity. The free-to-play battle royale game has millions of players worldwide and the developers frequently conduct esports tournaments to encourage young gamers to win cash prizes and gain recognition.

Characters play a massive role in this game as each of them have unique abilities which provides extra exclusive strength to the players. Thus, players can choose characters whose abilities go hand-in-hand with their playstyle. Players also have the option to customize a character with different abilities to create the perfect character for you in Free Fire.

DJ Alok has been a popular choice among fans and professional players of the game because of his active in-game ability. Most of the other abilities in the game are passive and only work when the character meets certain requirements. On the flip side, Alok’s ability can be used anytime (has cooldown after usage) to boost the speed and health of the teammates and himself.

In this guide, we will be going over five-character combinations which you use with DJ Alok to get the maximum out of the character.

Top 5 Best Free Fire character combinations for DJ Alok

#1 Jai

Free fire


Jai is the newest character to be added in the game. He is inspired by the famous Indian Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and looks amazing. Jai’s ability ‘Raging Reload’ allows players to get some ammo back after taking down any enemy in the game.

Thus, he is an ideal pick for aggressive players. DJ Alok can heal him and provide quick speed to flank the enemy and take heavy battles without worrying too much about his health.


#2 Clu

FreeFree fire

Clu is a private detective-based character in Free Fire and just as her profession, she excels in tracking down enemies. Her ability ‘Tracing Steps’ allows her to know the exact position of the enemies if they are not in a one or squat position. Thus, she can play extremely aggressive in the early game to get eliminations and get good loot as well. After reaching level 4 with her ability, her teammates can also spot the enemies with the help of her ability.


DJ Alok forms a eat synergy with her and allows her to play aggressive. She can easily get her health back after taking early skirmishes and give good-quality loot for the teammates.

#3 Kelly

Kelly is a high-school sprinter and has one of the simplest abilities in the game. Her power, ‘Dash’, allows her to increase her sprinting speed and helps escape from the trickiest situations possible.


She is an excellent character for rotation and flanking, which sometimes will catch the enemy off-guard. Her ability synergies with DJ Alok very well, as his aura grants speed and health boosts to players.


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