Amazon 600Shopping 950/500 Cb Ful Details


Full process of amazon 950 Cb
You will have no confusion after these post
Steps : (For new accounts)
First of all Add your upi just like google pay with amazon

Now send your first upi payment of 100₹+ to any other upi and get
:- ₹75 Cashback
:- 20% Upto 100 Cashback on Shopping

After That send money by scanning qr code of any friends amount should be ₹100+ And you will get
:- 50℅ Cashback upto 200 on shopping
(These offer is not showing but you will definitely get it after payment)

Now do recharge of ₹35+ Using amazon pay balance and get
:- 50% cashback upto 300 on shopping if you pay through upi
(You can use recharge failed trick in which you have to put your number in mobile no. but change your operator and region must pay through amazon pay for instant refund

*These is the simple steps by which you can get ₹600 cashback easily .

* More cashback offers are

:- By adding 100₹ to dream11 you will get 100₹ shopping coupon .
(Cashback is not shown in amazon but u will get cashback )

:- By Using amazon pay in niki to recharge of 100₹+ u will get 100₹ coupon but niki is suffering from server issue as well as temporarily not showing amazon pay as payment .
( i will update if any trick arrive )

:- Above all for all orders but if you want to do fashion order you can get 20% cashback coupon upto 200 (2 coupons)
Trick : ( u can try in old account also)
1. Add fashion product of 500₹+ in cart .
2. Than pay 75₹ with amazon pay and Rest which should be less than ₹500 with amazon upi .
(means if you are ordering a product of ₹550 pay ₹75 with amazon pay rest left pay 475 with upi so that there will be no affect on upto 300₹ offer )
3. Now cancel the order And you will get ₹75 instant refund + rest refund in your bank in 3-7 days .
4. Cancel the order before shipping but only after you get 20% upto 200 two coupons which will be


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